Player Hatin' » Wed, Aug 10th 2005 12:38 pm

Having been an Internet user for about six or seven years now, I’m grateful—-but simultaneously curious as to why—-I didn’t turn out like the majority of Internet-using kids today. I’ve ranted about their spelling in the past, but today’s Web-addicted children are plagued with far more troubling issues: Ignorance and egotism.

It’s one thing to suck at spelling, but these kids suck at life. My experience with these kids (not always little pre-teens, but often people who have been on this earth as long—-or longer—-than myself) is limited to Web forums and online gaming. Unfortunately, these are two of most popular gathering places for the people I speak of; the latter of which being my most familiar territory. Whether they’re clumsily bashing their keyboards trying to express their un-polished thoughts and opinions, or just randomly insulting people with differing perspectives on a subject, today’s children are raising themselves and each other to become very stupid members of society while being genuinely shitty human beings in the process.

Nobody with a conscience would allow someone to prattle on about something they know nothing about, but on the Web we’re forced to do just that every single day. Sure I can reply with my desperate pleading for them to stop embarrassing themselves, but they’ll shrug it off, call me a fag, and carry on. To hell with spelling with grammar, what matters is that they can adequately convey their false facts to the seemingly-interested masses. Most forums geared towards children are akin to a room full of people stumbling around and vomiting on everyone and everything while making no apologies whatsoever for doing so.

The same can be said for video games, except instead of the unintentional spreading of ignorance, it’s an endless sea of people who think they’re the only ones on earth who deserve to live. This leads to everyone hating everyone and nobody realizing that they are in fact playing a game. I myself have been caught up in it, though for me it’s not that I want to be the best, it’s simply that I hate giving them the satisfaction of winning; they don’t deserve it. I’ve been beaten over and over by kind-natured people and not minded one bit. It’s the kids who defeat me and then try to further humiliate me with verbal abuse and incessant self-promotion that have cost me hundreds of dollars in new keyboards.

I’ve seen the gaming community swallow decent souls and regurgitate a gooey, writhing, Ork-like being with nothing but contempt for everyone. Newcomers to the game are beaten down over and over for not knowing what the hell’s going on and are forced to either leave or tough it out until they’re good enough to start talking shit themselves. Who can blame them? It’s how they were raised. The word “newb” (also known as “noob”, “n00b”, “nub”, and other stupid variants) is basically the gaming equivalent of “fag”. These people are new to the game (as everyone once was) and are being put down for it. These pricks climb the ladder, soak the rungs in oil, and toss feces on anyone else who tries to climb it. Some strong-willed people survive the gauntlet with no permanent scarring, but most grab a bucket of pooh and proceed to haze the next batch of newbs.

The major flaw causing these two problems is a lack of ability to punish the guilty ones. There is no police force on the Web to break up the verbal fist fights. Parents couldn’t possibly monitor every aspect of their kids’ online activity, nor can they simply restrict all access to everything on the Web. These kids are invincible behind their monitors and the fact that whoever it is they’re belittling likely lives thousands of miles away and will never be able to do a damn thing about it. One possible solution would be to restructure the Web, giving every man woman and child their own access code and global account to which anyone who has a problem with that person can file complaints. From there, whichever government has jurisdiction can jump in and take whatever action is necessary. The Web would be policed by its own users and soon enough every asshole online would be booted offline and all would be well. Again, another one of my pipedreams.

The best I can hope for from people reading this is that you’ll raise your children to be respectful of the faceless voices they encounter while online. If you know someone who you feel would fit my description of the “modern Web child”, then please be a hero to us all and cut off their fingers. Or at least talk some sense into them.

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  1. 1 Josh on Wed, Aug 10th 2005 2:31 pm

    You mention that the internet is responsible for deteriorating the moralistic values of people, this very well may be true but as for the majority of these detestable people they were probably jerks to begin with. Through the most part of our lives we have avoided these people through the safety of the Academic/Applied system. I took applied French in grade 9 and it’s rather safe to say I hated everyone in that class. I know there are good kids in applied and assholes in academic but the general trend is what I’m describing. But now because of the Internet Assholes all over the world can be brought together treating other assholes as poorly as they are treated in return creating one big cycle of moronic ignorance. So far we have been fortunate enough to avoid this in the real world but it’s to bad that these jerks share similar interest with us and as so congregate all over CS Forums and online games.

  2. 2 Aaron on Wed, Aug 10th 2005 2:43 pm

    That’s a good point, but despite the fact the "applied" kids were assholes, I don’t think they’d openly demean anyone like they do online. The anonymity is their bullet-proof vest. If they were to say in person the things they say to me online, I’d at least be able to talk to them face to face while audibly expressing my distaste for their attitude. They can look away and run from my typed letters, but they couldn’t hide from my voice. These kids can’t be held accountable for the crap they do online because they’re God-knows-where and I’m here.

    The Web is a perfect example of why those kids with the anarchy symbol on their shirts are so wrong. Without rules and punishment, just plain living begins to feel like punishment for everyone.

    I’m grateful for the few other forums I visit and the people I talk to over instant messengers, though, for being so unlike these delinquents.

  3. 3 Josh on Wed, Aug 10th 2005 4:17 pm

    It’s not the counter verbal abuse these kids are able to ignore its the impending ass kickings they would normaly receive for acthing this way. A certain brother of a mutual friend of ours is a classic example. Over Counter Strike he is a smack talking bad ass, but when you meet him in person he is a soft, shy, withdrawn, and unconfrontational kid who is still afraid of girls. The kid’s that act like dicks online do so because its the only place they can feel superior to others. Finally they have a place where it not longer matters that they are 2 feet shorter then the rest of the boys in their grade.

  4. 4 Aaron on Wed, Aug 10th 2005 4:21 pm

    Ah yes, well I’m not really an advocate of dishing out ass-kickings, but yes that guy should definitely read my post here and have his Internet privileges revoked. And no desert.

  5. 5 Aaron on Thu, Aug 11th 2005 12:31 pm

    Anyone looking for an absolutely perfect example of what I’m talking about, I’ve saved a copy of a long but repetitive argument between myself and a whole community of people against me. Read it here.

  6. 6 faggot on Thu, Aug 11th 2005 3:26 pm

    you have to be retarded.

    gg boss will live on, and no one wants to read about your life.

    you bought a domain to write about your sad life?? www.myspace.com

  7. 7 Merlyn on Thu, Aug 11th 2005 3:36 pm

    I am a member of BOSS Brigade, and I agree with some of your opinions, if you check the boards history I have a history of doing as you did, fighting back against abuse, I finally learned to live with it. You have to really know the whole matter at hand. Phatty, one of the 3 owners of the server plays around 3 hours a week, being a father and a man trying to support a kid he doesn’t want to be told what to do by, to him a "youngin". If I paid for a server to be held, and I was only able to play for x number of hours a week (less then the normal gamer would like to play in his paid server) I too would attempt to have fun in my doing so. I however do not agree with the previous comment on here due to the fact that half of BOSS are, as you explained, children / teenagers that are 2 feet shorter then their class and feel they have an enlarged ego when it comes to using a microphone and holding a sprite of an m4 in their hands. I will not deny, I was that way to begin with too and at times will talk shit if someone attacks me, it is me, real-life or game but I do however know what I say ingame would come out of my mouth in real-life if the same thing was said to me, as it has been many times. I did not reply to the original post for one reason, you composed yourself well and do not care to be flammed as I know I would be. I may be on BOSS, but I can promise you, you will never see me in server because I have found a more "adult" server to spend my free time (which now is limited) playing.

  8. 8 Aaron on Thu, Aug 11th 2005 3:37 pm

    Just for fun:

    CustName: Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)
    Address: 111 New South Road
    City: Hicksville
    StateProv: NY
    PostalCode: 11801
    NetRange: -
    OrgAbuseHandle: OOLAB-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: OOL Hostmaster
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-516-803-2400
    OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@cv.net

    One more outburst like that mister and you’ll soon find your ISP has cut you off. Hicksville… That’s PRICELESS.

  9. 9 Aaron on Thu, Aug 11th 2005 3:45 pm

    Merlyn, my last post was directed at who I presume was Puma getting in one last word… (And by last, I mean last; I’m not bluffing)

    Phatty’s situation as a father (shudder…) is still no reason to behave the way he did, does, and will. I figured he was at MOST 17 years old given the way he was behaving in that thread. Now I know he’s an adult and responsible for raising children, I’m probably going to lose sleep… That’s absolutely terrifying.

    As always, my generalizations about the clan weren’t aimed at everyone. Erika seemed mentally sound whereas Cox, Puma et al were just being the kinds of people I’ve described in this post. I would not have flamed your reply if it was as calmy written as your comment here. Their only argument was "he has the right because he owns the server" and my defense was that NOTHING excuses that sort of treatment of others.

  10. 10 Merlyn on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 7:03 am

    I might have caused that sentence "…because I would just be flammed" towards the members of the board. Trust me, if you search just my threads that I have started in general, a number of them are about admin abuse against me. I have been in your shoes as well. Yes, Puma is like 14 or 13 years old, Cox, I dislike him, and Erika is a very intelligent person but in my opinion jumps to the winning side. I do know that BOSS knows of this site, as your name states it and I know I may be hearing about what I am typing in here to you, but again, as I have said, I rebel against bullshit. I will not defend you on the forums because I would have no one with my back. The ONE person really to ever have my back was Hergz, a student at an ivy league school who understood me. Yes, his GPA was far greater then mine, and the school of acceptance was far greater then mine as well, but we both were on the same page when it came to ideas and defending. He however directed his anger at more then just 1 person as I directed my anger more so towards Phatty for his beliefs and decisions. I have never had a problem with DannikJerriko or Centurion but me and Phatty have a history of being at each other’s throats. I imagine however that was Puma who made that comment since the way I found this link was as follows

    "boink: lol have you seen his website?? instead of having a myspace he pays for a domain and write about his sad life

    Puma: wats url

    : sXa has joined #|BOSS|.

    HIQ|Ihop|Out: link me

    HIQ|Ihop|Out: to his site

    HIQ|Ihop|Out: i wanna see it


    : Mode change "+v sXa" for channel #|BOSS| by ChanServ.

    HIQ|Ihop|Out: send me the link in a PM cuz im leavin now

    HIQ|Ihop|Out: peace y’all

    boink: its his name

    boink: Offtone.com"

    May have been HIV but he said he had to go, so I imagine Puma might have been the one.

  11. 11 Aaron on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 8:01 am

    Paid for a domain rather than get a "myspace" account… This sort of ignorance is what I’m talking about. Somehow he feels that I—-with my five years of Web design experience—-have never heard of "myspace", Tripod, Geocities, TypePad, or LiveJournal. The fact is, Offtone.com MINE and has support for PHP4, PHP5, MySQL, and a host of extensions that none of those services provide. More importantly, this site doesn’t have advertisements. So aren’t I the idiot for spending $8 per YEAR to own my own domain.

    *sigh* I only hope that he matures, though I guess Phatty’s failure to mature is proof that there may be little hope for the rest.

  12. 12 Tyler on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 1:03 pm

    I do agree with you Aaron. I’ve read this discussion as well as the BOSS forum and I despise being in the presence of pompous assholes like that. I’m often typing ‘quit’ to evade them. There’s not much else you can do, except for let them grow up and realize what they are doing; In which case their offspring will take their place.

    As for Josh’s a comment earlier:

    Through the most part of our lives we have avoided these people through the safety of the Academic/Applied system. I took applied French in grade 9 and it’s rather safe to say I hated everyone in that class. I know there are good kids in applied and assholes in academic but the general trend is what I’m describing.

    and Aarons reply:

    That’s a good point, but despite the fact the “applied” kids were assholes…

    I took applied classes through out most time in high school. And even though you say that “there are good kids in applied and assholes in academic” I can’t help but feel very insulted. Yes it’s true, the people who just wanted to get their paper and get out of high school as fast as possible took applied classes too. Some of them were assholes. But there’s this thing called college, and I believe that’s what applied classes are geared towards. If I didn’t want to go to university then I’m not going to take the courses that are based around it. It is not fair to class a group of people as one, even if you are saying that there are some expectations, so don’t.

  13. 13 Aaron on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 1:33 pm

    Sean and I discussed this and it’s not that we’re saying applied kids are assholes, but rather that many of the asses we knew happened to be applied students. It does make sense (to me) that the applied path would be more populated with people who didn’t want to be in school and thus acted out in various ways. It’s the apathetic ones we’re talking about, not simply the applied students.

    Still though I don’t think we’ve been protected by the two-tier system, but rather by the fact that nobody (well some, but few) had the gall to talk this way to people in the flesh. The Web needs a system to deal punishment while still protecting people’s anonymity.

  14. 14 Tyler on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 1:50 pm

    Okay, I was just confused because you stated that it was a fact that applied kids were assholes. It caught me off guard.

    I don’t think that such a system is plausible. Let me ask a question, just for fun. smiling face What if there was absolutely no anonymity on the Web what-so-ever? I’m sure a large portion of the Internet users wouldn’t be to keen about that idea as it would cause some problems, but it would solve these problems would it not?

  15. 15 Aaron on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 2:32 pm

    It wouldn’t solve these problems, and nobody would go for that idea sticking out tongue If some kid from Australia was talking smack to me here in Canada, I wouldn’t buy a plane ticket just to go kick his ass. I probably wouldn’t step foot outside my house if I found out the kid was within a ten-minute drive from my house, either. The only fool-proof way to punish them would be to remove their Internet access. If every user had a unique ID that was with them no matter which computer they were on, then governments could flag that key and they wouldn’t be able to log on anymore. It’d take a little more thought to keep people from forging keys, but it could be done and even if they did forge keys, I’m sure they’d stop behaving in a way that got them banned.

    Having their phone number (or simply a place to call where I’d be routed to their phone number) would be a decent step in that direction though. I could talk to their parents and let them know what their kid’s up to. The ISP’s abuse address and phone number are handy, but works somewhat more slowly and isn’t as direct as I’d like it to be.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see innovations like this in our lifetimes. Most would play the passive "leave if you don’t like it" role than make any attempt to actually fix the problem.

  16. 16 Josh on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 3:23 pm

    Dude, I never insulted the applied system. My point simply was most the assholes I hated were in the Applied programs. I even said there were nice kids in Applied such as you Ty, but I gues there was some confusion. Sorry if you took it the wrong you, was not me intention to slander the Applied stream just the select assholes in it.

  17. 17 Tyler on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 3:36 pm

    Yes, I misunderstood your post. Sorry for the confusion.

  18. 18 Josh on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 4:59 pm

    Thats why we have academic to explain these things to the applied kids… KIDDING haha (ducks)

  19. 19 Tyler on Fri, Aug 12th 2005 5:01 pm

    Ha freekin’ ha. sticking out tongue

  20. 20 Dannik Jerriko on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005 5:59 am

    You came into our house and started us flaming on the spot. You called members of my community and those who run it immature and short minded.

    Now you threaten those who flame you the same way you flamed them with reporting them to their ISPs. I say go ahead. They will REALLY care about posting on websites.

    You brought up comparisions with Nazi Germany, obviously not knowing what your are speaking about. I gave you some knowledge, your flaming went worse. Who’s fault was it at all? Yours. Simple. You cannot go somewhere and start flaming people. You cannot visit houses and start calling those who own it Nazis and whatever and expect to get away without any comments.

    As for Tyler…i herewith invite you to have a look in our entire forums and community instead of reducing it to the one-sided stuff posted by Aaron right here and you will see that he is wrong. We have enforced rules against flaming and anything else…Aaron only got what he deserved for the way he came towards us.

  21. 21 Aaron on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005 9:57 am

    Dannik, I approached you with civil outrage. You and everyone else in your pathetic "clan" retorted with nothing more than childish mockery. Your little correction about who founded the Nazis was irrelevant to my point, yet you cling to it for what it is: your own insignificant victory among your many losses in that multi-page argument.

    You all tried to convince me Dave was a nice guy despite his numerous interjections with nothing more than tasteless "mom jokes" and empty threats. Nobody who behaves that way is a "nice guy", except perhaps to his friends who share his same morbid sense of (lack of…) humour such as yourself.

    And yes I do threaten to use their IP address because I actually know how to report ISP abuse. Whose complaint are they most likely to acknowledge: "this f4g aron flamed us", or my lengthy, coherent account of their behaviour?

    You have no defence other than "this is our community and this is how we run it." While owning the forum may facilitate your abuse of these players, it doesn’t give you the right. Dave talks a lot of shit, yet I am absolutely positive he’s a coward in the flesh. The only thing empowering him in your community is the fact that you all support him for reasons I’ll never know. Anyone who does is just as shitty a person as he is, in my book. There is no excuse for being such a bunch of smacktards, but hey, at least you’re not alone right? You’ve got that cushy little hole in the ground you call a "community" where you run to when anyone from the "outside" tries to call you on your idiocy, then you raise your wall of ignorance and grab your buckets of cunning and proceed to "defend" yourselves with "nya nya nya, we can’t hear you!"

    You make me sick. You make civilized society sick. I only hope one day you’ll see a kid who’s just like you and he makes you sick too. Then maybe you’ll change. Or maybe you’ll just start a clan with him.

  22. 22 Dannik Jerriko on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005 12:45 pm

    LOL. (Yes, i use this word…although you hate it, because its oh so evil)…LOL.

    For all to see…i point out your civilized way of interaction again: "I can only imagine the kind of condescending replies this thread will receive (if it’s not deleted for fear of polluting the minds of your simple-minded supporters)". You called us Nazis (as anyone calls Germans), yet you proved that you have no idea what you were speaking about. Good one. You got owned and you are pissed that you cannot do something against that. That is all. I told you again and again…we have rules…we take care if someone reports abuse and stuff. But coming in our forums and start flaming on the spot, insulting everyone and calling people Nazis without even knowing them is really a good way to get things solved. I’m fare away from being a kid. Neither is Dave. I guess we are far older than you. But it doesnt matter at all.
    I make you sick? People like me make you sick? Yeah, you are sick. You are full of hatred and wanna find someone who is responsible for that. Here’s a hint: Hitler found a responsible group of Humans…the Jews. I’d recommend you to visit a doctor’s. Or just go die in a fire. I don’t care. Because YOU are the one who is responsible and who you are looking for.

    Now report me to my ISP…and don’t forget to cry again and call us Nazis…my ISPwill be happy…he is German.

  23. 23 Aaron on Mon, Aug 22nd 2005 5:51 pm

    Yes, your simple-minded supporters. That means you. You’re simple minded. I’ve made enough accurate observations about your whole setup and you’re still too thick to realize that most everyone else sees you as I do: A bunch of pretentious brats. You own the server and it’s own little kingdom where you can either pleasure or torture any of your little peons. How nice for you. My "insult" was open-ended: either you’d all reply with "yeah, he shouldn’t have done that" or you’d respond supporting his actions. In the event of the latter, you’d be the simple-minded followers I was refering to. Seems I was right.

    Yes it’s clear I know nothing about the Nazis, except that they followed their ignorant leader into a war against decent people. In this way, you are similar to them. I have no prejudice against Germans—-one of my best friends is German—-my problem is with assholes. My Hitler/Nazi reference was, as I already wrote in that thread, an attempt to provoke a thought-out response. It failed. Dave replied with nothing more than some tactless drivel and more of his own horn-blowing. Read every post in that thread by Phatty. Now, using that, try to formulate a compelling argument against my case that he is an ass. Good luck with that.

  24. 24 Dannik Jerriko on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 2:17 am

    You wanna insult? Ok…Fuck you.


  25. 25 Cox on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 3:52 am

    I live in Massapequa Park, long island. About 10 minutes from Hicksville via route 110. Ill kick you’re ass buddy. I drive…and for |BOSS| id film that shit.

  26. 26 Kayly on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 4:10 am

    I this entire thing made Aaron look like a little kid…all over an occasion like that? You say everyone feels the way you do? I doubt it. Why not come to our community in a possitive manor and actually talk to everyone and see what they say?…Phatty, Dannik, and Cent own the servers, and do a damn good job with the community…so if you dont like it/them then dont bother coming around with your bad attitude, just leave it be.

  27. 27 Aaron on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 8:06 am

    Dannik, it’s very clear from my posts in your thread that my goal wasn’t to flame you guys but rather to draw your attention to a problem facing your server and countless others: bad admins. Whether I was right or wrong to react the way I did to Dave’s turning-on of God mode doesn’t even matter anymore: The way my post was responded to was enough to prove that Dave and the majority of other "BOSS" members are just your stereotypical adolescent internet users. Dave is an ass and many of his clanmates are too—-Cox and Puma most notably, possibly even moreso than Dave himself—-but at least they’re just little kids. The point now isn’t that Dave abused me on the servers (as he did, and I’m sure he has others) but it’s moreso that you’re all an example of the people I discuss I this entry.

    Cox: That you think I’d make a day-long road-trip just to break the arms of a fifteen-year-old brat shows just how perfect you are for the role of poster-child of this discussion. You lack any intellect to defend yourself with words and now I guess you feel that your giving me some vague radius from a far-off reference point to your house makes everyone think you’re such a badass? Quite the contrary: you’re just another moron stumbling through life trying to punch out his angries. Too bad you’re left playing nothing but weak defense online with your arsenal of "your gay" and "stfu nub", eh?

    Kayly: I’ve said at least three times in that post that "if you don’t like it, leave" isn’t making much of an argument. You’ll also note that I have left. I was never "there". I had one thread and one game on your server. I’m gone. Yet the problem still exists… Hmm? Again: Read the thread. Take note of what a "damn good job" Dave does to handle himself.

  28. 28 Dannik Jerriko on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 9:55 am

    Lol. Quoted out of your very own post: "I remember now what happened on the BOSS servers in the past: I’d been banned for "hacking" (translation: defeating an admin more than twice in a row). I rejoined again a few weeks later and the same thing happened." Now you say you were only there ONCE. Quit lying, Gillagan…

    I’ve seen tons of guys who are like you. They complain, insult, finally start lying. Really annoying.

  29. 29 Aaron on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 10:05 am

    I said once as in I’d visited once and left after getting kicked. The other two times (which I wrote in other posts, as you quoted) were seperated by months if not years. I posted the whole thread for everyone to read you moron; they can see for themselves what’s true and what isn’t. You’re just grabbing at straws. Try arguing the point rather than pointing out tiny discrepancies in my writings.

  30. 30 Puma on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 5:34 pm

    i dont get what u guys were saying when u were talking about me..that im 13. ok got that. that my ego gets inlarged with an m4..merlyn, u have seen my play, u kno i suck, i kno it too :x

    btw..i like pizza

  31. 31 Cox on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 5:41 pm

    When it comes down to it, you care about what 3 letters (c-o-x) has to say, ONLINE. I could sit here and say shit like ur gay nub, stfu…but its just not worth it. Because online is gay. So you can go ahead and die now.

  32. 32 Aaron on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 5:42 pm

    That your ego gets enlarged whenever you sit in front of a computer is what we’re saying. There’s no way you’d tell me to go kill myself if were face to face. That you’d say it to me over the Internet just reveals the kind of person you really are; the person you hide from "real" people for fear of getting punished for it. I was (and my friends were) far more mature than most 13-year-olds are today, and they didn’t change when they got online. I guess kids today never had to live without the Internet, so they’ve never been "forced" to interact with real people. The price for that’s going to be rather dire, I fear.

  33. 33 Aaron on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 5:49 pm

    Thank you Cox for proving my point. You’ve drawn some line between online and offline. There is no line, except that online you’re safe to be your real self: a punk kid who talks shit and still laughs at mom jokes. It’s not that I care what you say, but that you’d type it rather than say it. "Online is gay". How profound. I imagine you only think it’s "gay" because you see it as a place where nobody is themselves and nothing gets done, but just because that’s your reality doesn’t make it everyone else’s. Your youth-induced ignorance is the reason for your behaviour online, and one day you’ll get that. Until then, stop spreading your ignorance on public forums.

  34. 34 Amber on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 8:13 pm

    Aaron uo have a lot of stuff to say… that is garbage… sad to say….

    you have no right to come into a server…. start a flame war… when you don’t even know the people that belong to that community…

    People like Cent, Dannik, and Phatty…… they are great people…

    BOSS is their server!!!! END of discussion… they do to it what they please…

    a community is a a place full of individuals of all different ages, from all different countries, male and female, all with different tallents and different ideas…

    with one of them missing….. it hurts the community…

    BOSS all in all is ONE LARGE FAMILY… u mess with one of us…. we all will mess with u…

  35. 35 Aaron on Tue, Aug 23rd 2005 11:07 pm

    Amber… Don’t bother posting if you’re just going to regurgitate that weak “leave if you don’t like it” crap. I’ve covered it four or five times now: That they own the server doesn’t matter. That he owns the server doesn’t make his abuse of its players right.

    Do they not test reading comprehension on the other side of the border?

    I didn’t have to know the people of the community to see that there’s a problem with it. I based my judgements on Dave’s actions and everyone else’s replies. I work with what you all give me. Few of them have shown even the slightest hint that they’re decent people, and the one or two that tried civil reasoning just gave in and joined the others in pointless flaming. Everyone says Dave’s such a great person, yet all he does is blabber obscenities while fumbling to form a legible bathroom joke. Defend him all you want. The evidence is in that thread for all to see.

  36. 36 master baiter on Wed, Aug 24th 2005 12:57 am

    why do you keep deleting my comments?

    whats a matter, you jealous?

    jealous of the fact that we have a community, whereas you have a website that 2 people visit everyday, one of them being yourself?

    jealous of the fact that we have women that visit us?

    who the fuck do you think you are??

    you call us simple minded.

    i could care less if the guy who maintains our servers decides to let loose on his own server.

    you are oblivious to the fact that there is more to the internet (that i created) than admin abuse.

    go ahead and get your last word in, because for some reason, you think arguing is getting you anywhere.

    me, i am having a great time laughing at you.

  37. 37 Dannik Jerriko on Wed, Aug 24th 2005 5:15 am

    You came into our house and started throwing shit on the spot. In such cases expect nothing but ignorance towards your complaints. I checked many admin abuse issues, and when people wanted to straighten it out and reported it in a nice way we got it settled all the time. You came in and insulted hundreds of people on the spot. Now you wonder why nobody listens to your arguments. You blew it. Live with it.

  38. 38 Aaron on Wed, Aug 24th 2005 8:37 am

    You didn’t “settle” previous abuse claims because if you had, the abuse would’ve stopped after the first complaint. People do listen to my arguments. The entire account of this thing is online for everyone to read (that is, 1,094,000 page views since January of this year from 6,700 visits). My goal isn’t to convince you guys that you’re idiots; that’s a lost cause. It’s more to get you to continue embarassing yourselves here while simultaneously serving as an example of my argument smiling face Nobody’s on your side except members of your own community. Have you not noticed that? I don’t care that this is all about a few minutes playing some video game. This is about life, and how badly you suck at it from my perspective. How about some evidence to disprove that, rather than posting the same old “if you don’t like it, leave” or “it’s his server, so he can abuse whoever he wants”?

  39. 39 josh on Wed, Aug 24th 2005 11:37 am

    I don’t see how anyone could be laughing at Aaron, he is the only one conducting himself in a logical rational manor. Opposed to the clan members on this site who continually post incoherent childish dribble that is truthfully unreadable. More then once my brain has started to throb just trying to understand the trite rubbish you continually publish. Its not just “Cox” or “puma” even the more intelligent clan members seem to have the intellectual capacity of a thumb tack but what makes them worse is they are for some reason condescending despite the fact their post are contradictory and redundant. I’m not a terribly smart person but I am at least self aware something you could gain from being.

    Before you make another post step back and let your intelligence speak instead of your culturally suppressed ego. I read all the post on your forum and it’s clear that Aaron has done absolutely nothing wrong. He came to you with a legitimate problem that he discussed calmly and rationally. You initially took up arms, and argued “this is our server, we can do what we want” yet you also post “If you had came to the forum and discussed the issue rationally we would have listened”. Well Aaron did do that! Honestly people grow a fucking brain here and try comprehending what you read instead of regurgitating some dyslexic response.

    You might as well be deaf and blind because its clear there is no use arguing with you as you lack the ability to understand anything outside your submissive online community

  40. 40 josh on Wed, Aug 24th 2005 11:43 am

    Apparently the Fuhrer demands total obedience.

  41. 41 Cox on Thu, Aug 25th 2005 3:12 pm

    Wow…you guys. Look, i could sit here and speak like im a genious, or act like i know everything. Use perfect english and create some online persona equivilent to that of steven hawkings. When it comes down to it…you’re website is a skidmark on the face of online communities…and you dont warrant any respect to deserve a serious post. You guys are bitching about COUNTER STRIKE! You wanna tell me about youth induced ignorance….at least i have common sense to walk away from something that wont effect my day to day basis.

    Please…tell me you’re best case scenario. Lets say, hypothetically…dannik IS in fact..a nazi. He admits to it, or you "prove" it. What next? Congratulations..you win. Big fucking deal….you’ve won some fucking argument online.

  42. 42 Aaron on Thu, Aug 25th 2005 4:03 pm

    This isn’t about a game, or winning or losing an argument; it’s about raising awareness; awareness that you’re dealing with people online, and not some sentient beings designed for the sole purpose of fulfilling your entertainment needs. That we currently lack the means to punish you doesn’t mean we won’t find them later on, and it would be wise not to go around making enemies with anyone and everyone who doesn’t see you as the God you’d like them to. This is about the bigger picture.

    I’d also like to add that, as you say, my having this small “community” doesn’t mean I deserve a courteous post. That’s very interesting, because it’s the exact opposite point you and everyone else that belong to the BOSS community have been trying to make to me: That everyone must be courteous to BOSS members and respectful of the admins because they run the community and those are its rules, but as you said, what have they done to deserve it? Your words, not mine. I’m not the one with delusions of power.

  43. 43 Josh on Fri, Aug 26th 2005 7:01 pm

    I remember watching this movie in Civics class; it was about this school group called “the wave”. The Wave had a uniform a hand gesture and a ranking system. The purpose of the group was for social purposes, something like 4H. All the kids that were in the group started taking immense pride in their crowd, started disowning other non-wave friends and blindly obeying the rules of The Wave. After sometime we learn that the teacher organizing the club was actually trying to teach the children about how easily it is to be brainwashed. And how easy it really was for Hitler to secure the support he did. The kids walk away with a new understanding of Hitler and what he had done.

    Your online community is very similar. Reading your post you all support people such as “Phatty” whom through history appears to be a dick head. Every post he had made was immature and insulting. Group members argue he is a good guy, and then Phatty calls Aaron a “fagot” with you all applauding his O so sharp wit.

    That whole gift thing someone mentioned, yeah that’s damn creepy. “Let me abuse you for a couple rounds and then I might let you do the same to other people”. So very silence of lambs. I really do think you’re a group of sick, sad, pathetic losers who vicariously live through their online avatars.

    I currently don’t play Counter-strike or really any Video games but I know what people like Aaron have to deal with.

  44. 44 Cox on Fri, Aug 26th 2005 11:00 pm

    Its different for a community based on Counter Strike, compared to yours based on..idk, bitching about life. They are ADMINS. You are the owner of the site. Seeing as how you dont OFFER anything to anyone, nobody \”owes\” you anything. The admins @ |BOSS| GIVE us a server to play CS on. They DESERVE my respect and courteous posting. I respect them , they respect me. If they dont respect me, its cuz i didnt respect them. From there i shape up, or in your case…buy a domain and bitch about it.

  45. 45 Aaron on Fri, Aug 26th 2005 11:08 pm

    I host a server too, occasionally. I give people (like yourself) a place to play on. I’m actually courteous to my players, despite their frequent failure to return the favour. You don’t owe BOSS anything. Nor do I, or the people who play on their servers. There are other servers with respectable administrators who deserve your loyalty more than any of the BOSS founders. Owning the server is no reason to respect them. You earn respect by being respectful of others. Dave isn’t respectful of anyone unless they show blind devotion to him first. He made a bad first impression, and even worse consecutive impressions. Given his behaviour in my thread, I find it impossible to believe he’s worthy of anyone’s respect.

  46. 46 Cox on Sat, Aug 27th 2005 2:09 am

    You’re so naive. You dont know ANYTHING about what |BOSS| really is. I know from FIRST hand experience that |BOSS| is extremely nice compared to well, otehr places (not here cocky). They are fair, and honest.

    Do we come here and tell you how to run your forums? No. Phatty was having fun that day and if ur too stupid or too much of an asshole to realise that its a game and the reason we play is too have fun…then you need to slap urself. Im done here, dont take it so seriously.

  47. 47 Aaron on Sat, Aug 27th 2005 8:22 am

    I know enough about what BOSS is from my own experience. They’ve shown me no evidence to convince me otherwise. Regardless, as I’ve said and you’ve again overlooked, this isn’t about a game. You don’t tell me how to run my site because I don’t run my site with some phony iron fist. I’m not making my visitors angry. BOSS is; on a regular basis.

  48. 48 Josh on Sat, Aug 27th 2005 9:39 am

    I must say I do find it rather hypocrtical of you to knock our social life, encouraging us to "go out get drunk get laid" when you just spent friday night posting on this smear stain of a website.

  49. 49 josh on Sat, Aug 27th 2005 11:50 am

    Let’s say Cox; hypothetically I invite you over to my house to play paintball. We play a couple rounds which you happen to win, after about the 3rd round I get aggravated and decide because it’s my house I can do what I want. So for the next round I remove all the paint balls from your gun and make you wear a neon green jump suit. Would you honestly respect that? No, or I certainly hope not. I would imagine most people would walk away middle finger raised. This online situation is no different, simply because Dave has the means to cheat does not mean he should and that he did shows he is of a weak character. No one should have to be subjected to some ones “happy time” simple because they don’t shell out a couple dollars every month.

    And as for this post being pointless, we live North America. I have so much free time I don’t know what to do with it, so I like to spend some of having debates and conversations with my friends. How is any of this any more pointless then the 20 plus hours you plug into Counter Strike weekly? In the long scheme 90% of your fucking life is pointless so to trying to criticize Aaron and me for posting on this site is rather Hypocritical.

  50. 50 Puma on Sat, Aug 27th 2005 11:42 pm

    lol, yea, my ego is enlarged..

    leggo my eggo!!

  51. 51 Cox on Sun, Aug 28th 2005 12:01 am

    WTF are you talking about "on a regular basis". You cant say that…you havnt been around long enough. And if this is getting you THAT upset where you feel your god given rights of freedom were violated by a GAME community…than you need serious help and no amount of domains, threads, "evidence" or posts can save you’re sorry ass. GET OVER IT MAN. Its not that big a deal. You’re the only person to get this aggrivated.

  52. 52 Aaron on Sun, Aug 28th 2005 10:31 am

    I’ve heard more than a few other complaints from people who’ve played on the BOSS servers. The guy I was playing with that same day wasn’t much of a fan of Dave’s "playfulness" either.

    That said, I find myself reiterating that this whole thing isn’t about that day on the server. It’s about people’s wrongful separation of reality and the online world. You said yourself that arguing online is pointless. Why? How is it any different than arguing face to face? My guess is that your distaste for online debate stems from your inability to reach out and smack anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or full-out opposes everything you say (as I do). I am not the only person to get this agitated. Anyone you’ve ever pissed off online has been as frustrated as I am. It passes in moments. I just decided to write about it and document my presumptions and possible solutions.

    Here, you aren’t the intimidating teenager you may be to your "real world" counterparts. You’ve nothing to flex in front of us to "scare us away", and what’s most delicious about your retorts is that it’s very unlikely you’d be able to cause either of us any harm in the "real world" either. No, here you’re just a kid who has yet to experience his glimpse of what the Web is slowly becoming, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that that moment will come even if it takes another decade and a half.

  53. 53 Josh on Mon, Aug 29th 2005 2:43 am

    Hello there,
    I am also a member of the BOSSBrigade forums, and servers. On the forums I am registered as ‘midnight.’ I’m sure you remember my comments into your argument. I haven’t read all of the comments here, being that it’s late, and I’m quite honestly tired. I’m only posting to simply state that I resent the fact that you basically refer to us all as if we are illiterate children. I, myself, am 15 almost 16 years old, with a 145 IQ and I am in the 10th grade taking 1st year college classes. So I would just like to say some of us are intelligent people. I know Merlyn can agree. Yes, you got into a tiff with a few members, but I personally agreed with you and Merlyn in stating I have been in the same situation you have. And also agreeing with Merlyn, I learned to deal with it. It happens so rarely that that it doesn’t bother me.

    I do understand you’re point of what happened on the forums and in the servers. Trust me, I do.

    Your post is semi-truthful (on this site) only refering to how stupid people can be online. Rest assured, however, that not everyone is the same person on the internet as they are in person.

  54. 54 josh on Mon, Aug 29th 2005 12:25 pm

    Thanks Captain Obvious.

  55. 55 Aaron on Mon, Aug 29th 2005 3:51 pm

    Though perhaps not as bluntly, I would say that it’s fairly clear that my generalizations (or ANY generalizations) don’t include everyone. I’ve said that here (in this topic) before, too.

    However, as high as your IQ may be, you still failed to clue into my point (which I made like ten times) that "going somewhere else" wasn’t solving any problem.

    It’s simple, if you don’t like the way the server is run, then CRY ABOUT IT. Get it all out, man. That’s all you need to do. Curl up with a pillow and cry it out. Maybe then life will get better for you, good buddy.”

    Again, it’s like you’re all atop some hill in the playground shouting these things down to the rest of us. I don’t like the way the server’s run, and there should be a penalty system put in place on the entire Web to ensure that people like Dave aren’t allowed access to it. With spam and illegal advertising spreading the way it is, it’s only a matter of time before everyone else on Earth comes to the same conclusion.

  56. 56 Dannik Jerriko on Tue, Aug 30th 2005 6:58 am

    Most of the shit here isn’t even worth reading it. Those who never visited our community should back off and stay quiet (Josh), because they have no idea what they are speaking about. You know what "Aaron has to deal with"? You know shit. Visit the {SoBs} community. People get banned and abused for reasons like "I don’t like you"…after they hang around in there for more then 2 years.

    We are an example to prove that you’re right, Aaron? Nothing shares our opinion besides those who are members of our community? Lol. Show me the "thousands" that agree with you-I see ONE (Josh, who doesn’t even know us)…and he disqualified himself by stating that he never plays CS or Video games, therefore he got no imagination how CS communities work.

    I settled more then one case of "abuse"…if you would have taken more time to read the forums before i banned your stinking ass you would have recognized that. We are humans, we make mistakes, and I can proudly say i apologized more then once if i made mistakes, like banning people for misunderstandings or used admin on them them for wrong reasons. Several cases got settled, and after such bad starts i became some kind of friends with most of them. Obviously you were not willing to read that all, because all you did was the typical flaming. You hide facts that must not be because they cannot be, because they don’t fit into your presentation.

    People who play on our servers and who hang around in our community owe us NOTHING. We don’t demand anything. But those who come into our house and throw shit at us get thrown out. Simple. Thats the way online communities are working, thats the way this world works. If you would have complained with facts and in a civilized way, i would have invested more time in your case…but someone who calls hundreds of people short minded without even knowing them is not worth my time. Typical intolerant behaviour, typical for Nazis, btw…

    Funniest part (and typical for Non-Europeans) is their way to reduce anyone to Nazis, obviosuly not knowing what they are speaking about. And, if you didn’t notice yet, Dave is not the leader…he is ONE of the leaders, so there is no reduction to one person.
    You are a joke, Aaron…your whole site is a joke, full of crying and complaining about so many things. Deal with it. The world is free. The internet is evil. There are rules in every state, every house. You don’t follow…you pay. Simple.

  57. 57 Aaron on Tue, Aug 30th 2005 8:12 am

    If you would have complained with facts and in a civilized way, i would have invested more time in your case…

    I was more civilized than any one of your clan mates, and not just because I chose to defend myself in proper English. I got on the defensive whenever someone else made the first move, and that’s something anyone would do.

    It seems you’re stuck in some repetitive, myopic state of mind wherein you can’t see that this is very loosely connected to your server or its ignorant owners. Even if it were, nobody made any effort to convince me you were all such great people other than to just lay it out there and hope I’d believe it despite the incessant ridicule on either sides of their post. I read Dave’s posts as well as you did, except I’m not brainwashed into thinking he’s some kind of classy gent who’s just protecting his "good name" and that of his server. He’s a father, presumably with a job, who occasionally retires to his computer chair to revel in his clan’s blind devotion to him. He plays on his server and abuses anyone who decides to make use of taboo words or call him on his stupid "gift-giving" sprees that leave the majority of the players left twiddling their thumbs while the few with God mode and no-clip enjoy their moment in his throne. Regardless of whether he shares his "power", there are still people on the server left without it and for them, it’s a waste of time. On your forum, trying to convince anyone of that is a waste of time. It’s a waste of time to attempt to convince any like-minded child of anything because "online is gay" and I’m not a real person.

    That "simple-minded" was the most shocking blow I delivered to you suggests that you’re just looking for a reason to ignore the rest of my argument. Just for shits ‘n’ giggles, how would you have responded if I’d left it out? What Earth-shattering revelation would you have presented to change my mind about your community and convince me that this one event was a rarity and that on most days the server’s a land carpeted in pink rose petals?

  58. 58 Dannik Jerriko on Tue, Aug 30th 2005 11:17 am

    Actually am I one of the "ignorant" server owners. And what you don’t get is the fact that you have to follow some basic rules if you visit a place. But of course you visit someone’s house, start flaming him for some things he does (even if they weren’t 100% ok) and then you expect to be treated in a good way? You started with uncivilized and rude comments, on the servers already and followed by your first post in the forums.

    I thought i cleared it up with my last posts…obviously you are unwilling to read: DAVE DID NOT BRAINWASH ME, HE IS NOT MY LEADER OR SOMETHING, HE IS AT ONE LEVEL WITH ME…he founded BOSS together with my brother and myself…his words may have been rude and stuff, but you didn’t deserve anything better. Nobody is devoted to him…you try to keep up that "One leader, one Reich"-fiction of a, but you fail. You didnt try to convince someone on the forums, you flamed and insulted, therefore you had to leave. Without such comments you would have been allowed to stay there and discuss as much as you want to…as anyone is allowed to…but you decided to flame the entire community I invested 2 years of hard work into, plus a large amount of money…i got some friends in there…you insult them, i take care of them.
    You wanna know what could have changed your mind? You should have visited us for a while…the forums, servers, chat channels…and you probably would have enjoyed this community in the same way then hundreds of others do. But shit no, it’s easier to start a flame war.

    My suggestion to you: Run your own community. Deal with the same shit i have to deal with daily. Decide whats wrong, whats right. Put up a set of fair rules that protect your community, and are as liberal as possible at the same time. Get anything in line, show me that you can do it better, become someone and THEN i will listen to what you have to say.

  59. 59 Aaron on Tue, Aug 30th 2005 2:59 pm

    Become someone? Owning a server and managing my own community will somehow increase my significance in your eyes? I’ve run my own server before. I didn’t tip the scales in my favour, nor would I; not even with promises to do the same to them when I’ve had my way. I’ve played your servers three times with the same outcome: I got abused for playing well. What I do after being abused cannot be questioned, as at that point your right to my respect is revoked. Read over your thread again and tell me straight-faced that it was MY flame war. My first post was written in anger as it damn well should have been, and all subsequent posts did nothing more but pour fuel on the fire. I didn’t explode. I didn’t express any desire to fuck your mothers. I didn’t spam forty lines of "LOL" into my posts. You’re the ones at fault here, and any outsider reading this agrees without a doubt. Let me be the one to tell you that you’ve dumped hundreds or thousands of dollars into nothing more than a brothel. You are friends with each other and everyone else is apparently "no one".

    I gave BOSS three chances to prove itself. I give dozens of servers the same chance every week. Most let me down. I enter a server and say nothing after my initial "Hi." I’ve been asked to "join our clan" and then moments later am kicked by the same people for "cheating, without doubt". I deal with more shit than you do being a player than an almighty admin. From the humble "newbie" to the well-played veteran, it’s been the same shit. Chat rooms, forums, game servers; they’re all plagued by people like you who have drawn a line between the Web and reality. Rather than acknowledge this fact, you merely defend your behaviour by waving receipts for hosting in our faces and telling us to go elsewhere if we don’t like it. The point is, "elsewhere" is slowly becoming a nostalgic dream as more and more children and immature adults get their hands on computers.

  60. 60 Dannik Jerriko on Wed, Aug 31st 2005 5:59 am

    I herewith say it straight into your face. It WAS YOUR flame war, since you were the one who started flaming.

    You were never asked to join BOSS…i have logs that prove it. And get to a line…one time you say you’ve played only once, sometimes you say twice, now you say three times?

    And yes, running your own community (not only a server) would give you the right to criticize us for the way we run ours, otherwise shut up because you have no idea.

    It’s our fault? Any outsider agrees? Names please. Show me all your agreeing outsiders.

    So the entire CS-community is plagued by people like me? Fine. Lets say all communities and clans like BOSS disappear…cool…lets see what servers remain for the people to play CS. Again…show me that you would make it better. I read nothing but bitching and insulting from your mouth…but no concrete information what you want at all.

  61. 61 Aaron on Wed, Aug 31st 2005 3:34 pm

    As I was trying to get my dog to "sit" and she gave me that tilted-head look she gives when she’s confused, I realised that sometimes people are just too stupid to bother talking to. You are one of those people. You read my replies, tilt your head, drool, and then respond with posts like the one above. I don’t have to start a server or a community to prove that I could do it better. There are many servers out there doing a better job at it as we speak. Some are run by little kids, and some are run by respectful adults. THEY do it better than you. I could do it better than you. The secret is not being an ignorant jackass to the people who play on your server while acknowledging the fact that people have come to play and have some fun, not as a favour to you. Yet I’ve said this more than once in all this, and you still haven’t seen it. This time won’t be any different. If you can’t come up with something substantial to add, I’m not going to bother acknowledging your posts anymore. It’s getting WAY too repetitive.

  62. 62 Dannik Jerriko on Wed, Aug 31st 2005 4:25 pm

    And there he surrenders. Running out of arguments, so he escapes into dreams, insulting and old phrases. No facts, no names, no nothing. No arguments, no concrete information…the usual gossip and trash.

    OWNED. Have fun.

  63. 63 Aaron on Wed, Aug 31st 2005 4:40 pm

    *giggles* That you interpreted that as a victory is AWESOME. Wow. Just wow. Oh man… Yeah, you win. You’ve totally proved you aren’t a smacktalking moron.

    Edit: Wait, no. Must remember my mid-year’s resolution. You’re not a smacktalking moron. You’re just confused and misguided. You’ll come around when you find yourself in my situation; seeing the breakdown of the Web and its young users from my point of view.

  64. 64 Dannik Jerriko on Wed, Sep 7th 2005 12:04 pm

    Originally i didn’t want to post anymore, but to manifest my argumentation i got a link for you, Aaron…i guess THAT community is something you should think of when you are talking about abuse and misguiding of people…


    Focus on their forums. I’d say, give them a visit and i guess your bad experience in BOSS will be peanuts.

  65. 65 Chiquita on Sun, Sep 11th 2005 7:19 pm

    Feel free to stop by

  66. 66 Aaron on Mon, Sep 12th 2005 5:52 pm

    You mean BOSS isn’t the only clan with abusive admins? Dannik, I’ve said this more than once man. BOSS was a single example. I don’t need another. Sobs may be bad too. So is Dave. Whether they’re worse or not is irrelevant. Both are bad. I’m sure you’re a fine admin yourself Dannik, but it’s difficult to imagine so after having read that you condone the way Dave treats players.

  67. 67 Aaron on Wed, Sep 14th 2005 7:44 am

    Dannik…why are you wasting your time with this shithead? Just let him live out his days here in offtoneland, no one cares about him..no one cares that he left, and no one cares if he comes back. You dont have to defend |BOSS| to an outsider…this guy is less than shit, leave him alone. Let him think what he wants. Clearly hes a nub to forum procedures/CS way of life….so let him stay here, who gives a fuck man? lol

  68. 68 Aaron on Wed, Sep 14th 2005 9:08 am

    Without outsiders, the boss servers would be rather boring. As for the rest of your comment: Wow. Please enlighten us all to the benefits of the "CS way of life."

    Understand that saying nobody cares doesn’t make it so. Clearly Dannik cares that someone sees his community as something awful. Given that he helps to run said community, it’d be wise not to discount every negative opinion towards it if he has any intention of keeping it going. He’s still just defending Dave, and Dave cannot be defended. His words are posted, and nothing any of you say will make me forget them. That sort of idiocy, ignorance, and offensiveness could not have come from someone worthy of your respect, and yet somehow you still support him. The multiple pages of replies to my thread in your forums shows that people in your clan do “give a fuck” and your stating otherwise just shows that you came here to provoke me.

    So, we’ve established that you think Dave’s a great guy and I’m convinced he isn’t. We can drop the whole BOSS reference now I think, as we could have long ago. It’s not about BOSS; it’s about the topic of people treating others like nothing simply because they feel that "online is gay" and the rules of decency don’t apply here. Well they do, and you may well find out the hard way.

  69. 69 Sean on Mon, Sep 19th 2005 6:22 pm

    I came back to see if this was still going, appearently it is… unless that guys name is actually Aaron its funny how he’d be affraid to put his name beside his comments, if i was that retarded i guess i wouldn’t either. "Clearly hes a nub to forum procedures/CS way of life…" now that is a quote, Cs way of life… WOW are you a loser, all i can picture is some kid with a starwars shirt on covered in stains, terrible acne and greasy hair. Cs way of life…hahaha.

  70. 70 {SoBs}eRanger on Thu, Sep 22nd 2005 12:11 pm

    HAHAHAHAHA i only just found this site an di am laughing my ass off. Aaron you are friggin awesome. we’ve had to deal with these guys for years, they were once a part of {SoBs} but formed |BOSS| on the account of a little hissy fit. germans are babies. they pretty much get all our garbage. everyone we ban, we send to |BOSS| thats why they are filled with a bunch of 13 year olds (like Cox, haha i cant believe this kid is still around).

    and this boink kid makes me laugh
    "boink: lol have you seen his website?? instead of having a myspace he pays for a domain and write about his sad life"

    people have had personal websites for YEARS before this myspace garbage came out. i bet hes not even 10 yet. this kid is a fucking moron.

    anyway i’m sure your tired of this thread by now but you should definetly come hang out in our IRC channel

    #{SoBs} on gamesurge

  71. 71 {SoBs}NewKiller on Thu, Sep 22nd 2005 12:50 pm

    First off, very nice site. Much, much better than mine winking

    This whole situation is quite amusing in the fact that the reasons for the ant-{SoBs}ism (yes, I just made up that word) are the same things they are doing themselves.

    Feel free to join our servers if you would like to have some fun. Idle on our IRC, hang on our forums. Then you can see for yourself.

  72. 72 Aaron on Thu, Sep 22nd 2005 6:38 pm

    Heh. Strange that the {SoBs} people seem to have taken my side… Even stranger that they have such a bad reputation but still despise |BOSS|.

    I’ve no intention to visit and specific clan communities. I haven’t in the past (except to take up the abuse issue with BOSS this one time) and won’t in the future. I’ll continue to play on random, low-ping public servers.

    To the SoBs folks: If the rhumors are true, I only hope you’ll read the entire log of this discussion and take something away from it. If not, keep on keepin’ on.

  73. 73 {SoBs}eRanger on Thu, Sep 22nd 2005 6:48 pm

    fair enough, but the offer still stands if you wanna just say hey. and as far as it being a "clan" community, its far from that. its a community of friends who happen to play the same games, not only CS, but WoW, BF2, SWG, CoH, Planetside, and many others. the tag, although rarely used, is just something to unify us thats all. we dont play in CAL and we dont play for skill or rank. its all in fun, its just a game.

  74. 74 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Fri, Sep 23rd 2005 5:49 pm

    First time here and I must say you do carry yourself well Aaron.

    I find it extremely amusing that we {SoBs} had nothing to do with this problem you had with BOSS yet they keep mentioning us and even give links to our site for you to see what evil is really like on an online community. As if our actions would somehow justify theirs.

    Reading your well thought out posts was refreshing especially with the gibberish you got in return?

  75. 75 Dannik Jerriko on Mon, Sep 26th 2005 4:02 pm

    You can spread as much shit and poison in here as you want to, SoBs losers…that doesnt change the fact that you just suck. You can stick your heads in other asses as deep as you want to, thats all you know…and all you are practising since years.

    Ranger, you didnt have to deal with US for years. I was a member when you were still shitting your pants and didnt even know what the internet is. So to you: SHUT IT.

    Germans are babies? Wow…that did hurt…don’t you know anything new? Here’s something for you: FUCK the USA…they may rot. Still nothing new, quite old, but still correct. Find something else beside mixing up internet and real life issues.

    About garbage sent to other communities: have fun with tr1x people. JonDiesel really fits into your world. Lets see how long he takes and he calls you N-words and stuff. Guess you identify with him.
    Cox and the others were just tired of your bullshit and immaturity, that’s why they did head on and found something new. Btw, Cox is a member of another community in first place, namely Ninja-Clan, not BOSS.
    SoBs a community of "friends"? Awesome joke. "I don’t like you, therefore you are banned." said {SoBs}McHomo once to a regular of your great community who was there for 3 years, even longer than himself. I fought for him and his rights, got flamed by {SoBs} members. Wonderful community, wonderful friendship. Furthermore, before you flame boink’s website, i’d say link us to YOUR website and show what you were able to produce. Otherwise, again, shut up and fuck off.

    NKT: Nice word you created. But, sadly, i have to correct you. There was peace and silence from our side for 6 months. But the flaming on your side still went on. I did what i had to do, and threw all of that scum out of MY community, just to provide you with the same "friendship" you provide people with. Obviously that full ban for all {SoBs} did hit were it hurt, did hit a wasp nest, otherwise you wouldnt post here. Yeah, eat it. And i am damn proud that i did what had to be done.

    Juggernaut, you have no fucking idea what was going on, and if you could read, i posted the link to give a random example. I would have linked him to tr1x, but they have nothing to link to. Aaron had a little collision with Phatty and maybe not every action of Phatty wasn’t 100% ok, i agree, but i just wanted to explain Aaron that this first impression was not exemplary for BOSS.

    Glad to see that everything goes the usual way at {SoBs}…asslicking in perfection. Great work.

  76. 76 Aaron on Mon, Sep 26th 2005 8:04 pm

    Find something else beside mixing up internet and real life issues.

    The Internet and “real life” aren’t seperate, Dannik. The sooner every immature, shit-talking, power-tripping person online realizes this, the better.

    “Just because you can’t feel your teeth doesn’t mean the girl can’t feel your insults.”

  77. 77 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 1:29 am

    [quote]Juggernaut, you have no fucking idea what was going on, and if you could read, i posted the link to give a random example[/quote]

    As always you say something and then you try to take it back.

    You even posted on your forums that to let Aaron back he would have to visit {SoBs}, lol.

    Also where do you get your hatred of America? Just because you don’t get along with a few people on the internet that happen to be Americans you hate the country?

    I find it strange, since your so keen on history, that you would hate a country that allowed yours to exist when the rest of Europe wanted it gone. Maybe we shouldn’t have stood up for your country after the war. You would probably be a French man today.

    Oh and please don’t pollute this site with your foul language, you can make a point with out the insults you know. I’ve looked through the whole site and found that only your post or others from BOSS contain such crude language.

  78. 78 Dannik Jerriko on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 8:27 am

    Keep it in context…do i really need to quote what i said in here when i posted that link? What i said at other spots is irrelevant.

    I don’t hate America, i hate the arrogant behaviour of its people…and we have perfect examples here. I see no reason to step back when hatred towards my person is reduced to my German nationality. Especially if people say shit about my home country, my people and my nation while they don’t even got an idea where to locate it on a map.
    You flame my country? Fine. So i hate yours. Actio=Reactio

    The US saved Germany? LOL. If your nukes would have been ready earlier, they would have been dropped. There were even British-American plans to take out the German people itself with a sterilisation to take any future away. Plan existed to destroy ANY industry, to make Germany a pure agricultural colony. Don’t tell me YOU (THE US) generously saved our lives.
    The rest is pure bullshit. I never insult until others throw shit at me…and you know that. But, typical for US, part like this "[QUOTE]…they were once a part of {SoBs} but formed |BOSS| on the account of a little hissy fit. germans are babies. they pretty much get all our garbage. everyone we ban, we send to |BOSS| thats why they are filled with a bunch of 13 year olds (like Cox, haha i cant believe this kid is still around)…[/QUOTE]" doesnt fit into your point of view, so its ignored.

    And Aaron, i know that the internet and real life cannot be seperated at all. But the one is virtual, the other is real. A form of privacy should be kept, a form of respect. And if i got problems with someone because of actions on the net, on servers etc., that doesn’t mean i should blame his country, his family or something for that things, therefore i shouldn’t pull them into the discussion.

  79. 79 Aaron on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 9:26 am

    Well that’s true, but note that you guys in BOSS tried to use my Canadian citizenship to somehow put me down too. You used {SoBs} as an example of a bad community just as I’m using BOSS as my example of a bad community. Cox, Anthony and Dave are all poster children for this discussion. They don’t agree with you I suppose that people online should be treated with respect.

    And I still disagree that the Web is somehow different; the Web is no more virtual than the telephone and I doubt they call up random people just to call them inbred fags. Their behaviour online is like a narrative of their real personalities, I suppose. They behave online the way they wish they could in the “real world” without getting thrown in jail or their backs broken. This is how I know they’re bad people.

    You say Dave’s an otherwise good guy, but no “good guy” would behave that way. It shouldn’t be this hard for you to understand my opinion of him. He’s a tactless blowhard to complete strangers online, but I’m sure he’d be quick to apologize if he stepped on my toe in public. He’s two different people, but when the shit hits the fan he—-like everyone else—-turns into his real self. It’s very true: “You never truly know someone until you fight them.” I “fought” Dave and all he did was avoid the issue and call me names. You cannot defend his character to me, and since he’s actually got some say in what happens in your community, I have to assume that the rest of BOSS is no different for continually supporting him.

  80. 80 Amber on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 11:22 am

    well my two cents…….

    After reading and reading and reading…. can the flame just stop.
    In the real world someone always hates another, for bad decisions, bad arguments, politics, religion or even hurtful things that were said or done. I know not everyone can be friends, and this world is not perfect, and we all come from a different part of the world, but all in all we all live here on earth. we all make decisions that end up reflecting us in the end. I know that some people just love to argue and always try to make their point known, everyone wants to be right and never wrong, everyone wants to be perfect than to be imperfect, and everyone is some what subborn in their own ways, not making room for anyone else.
    I’m not going to say who is right and who is wrong in this thread, because than I would be starting this whole discussion all over again. from a couple of statements of someone’s opinion of individulas that play games on the net. granted with things were said…. the flame war started. all in all hurting someone or someones, a clan, a person, a community. is not how problems are fixed……so with this I leave my opinion, my two cents, and my thoughts. Let the flame war stop and bring on a new discission.

  81. 81 DannikJerriko on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 12:25 pm

    Well…i won’t waste my time anymore with that SoBs shitheads in here (yes, this is a insult). They have no say in that issue anyway, because that was a pure BOSS internal incident.
    But i respect your words, Aaron. I know you won’t believe me at all, but Dave is really a great guy. I know him since years. I know he is harsh sometimes, i know he sounds insulting quite often, and maybe he even abused powers on you. But because i know him a long time now (and i guess most of my community can second me on that), even if he sounded harsh or abused, he talks about it afterwards and he usually doesnt mean every of his words dead serious.
    That you got bashed for being Canadian…well…sorry for that, but as far as i recognized it during all that years, there’s a special form of "love" between US and Canadians, i guess that’s the explaination.

    Anyway, i lifted your ban in BOSS forums. Feel free to talk or post or whatever. If you are not interested and done with that, well, your decision. I personally can only say that you earned my respect somehow. That will be my last post in here.

  82. 82 the Law on Tue, Sep 27th 2005 12:30 pm

    I find this fight rather stupid. This was about Phatty \”going on a power trip.\” Now it’s become SoBs vs BOSS.

  83. 83 Deadalus on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 1:19 am

    wow thats l0l’lig ^^

    r we fighting on Aarons page now??? *lookingatSOBS*

    jokay have fun @SOBS

  84. 84 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 10:32 am

    It’s just that for some unknown reason boss cant do anything without bringing up {SoBs}

    Remember, as always boss brought us into this, keep to your little corner of the internet and forget about us.

    you never here anyone in {SoBs} bringing stuff up about boss, just get over it and have a nice day.

  85. 85 Boink on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 12:50 pm

    Yea but as soon as it IS brought up, you guys start picking out names, start flaming us…

    eRanger, i don’t know who you are, i never met you in my life, and i never knew you online, but apparently, I am a 10 year old little immature fuck…

    so, since you don’t know me, but go on the BOSS website just to dig up shit about me, what does that make you?

  86. 86 {SoBs}eRanger on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 2:34 pm

    i’ve been to the boss website to dig shit up about you? for one, there is a difference between a website, and forums. i am banned from the forums and there is nothing about you on the boss website. what i got about you, was from what Merlyn said in THIS thread on THIS website. you made fun of Aaron for having his own webspace.

    "boink: lol have you seen his website?? instead of having a myspace he pays for a domain and write about his sad life"

    and is it not you that still continues to rant about "lets scrim {SoBs}" as if you have some dire need to flex your internet manliness? as if beating us at a video game somehow makes you the better man? it wont, you are still 10 and you are still a moron plain and simple. i do not wish to waste Aarons bandwidth with this silly bickering any longer. you have my email address now so you can email me if you’d like. i’m sure you can manage that much at least.

  87. 87 Aaron on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 4:03 pm

    Well to Dannik: I appreciate the gesture of lifting my ban, but my purpose on your forums has been served and despite your change of opinion, I’m quite sure the others are glad to be rid of me.

    Frankly, so long as any form of abuse is tolerated by anyone in a community, I will make a conscious effort to avoid it. Whether Dave does it all the time or if it’s "all in fun", it all comes down to him taking advantage of his position. While it’s clear some people just take it and learn to deal with it and eventually even defend it, I and the thousands of others who’ve been abused by an admin will never just laugh it off. There is no justification for it and a person’s distance and anonymity to another shouldn’t be considered an opportunity to be abusive and good people agree with this. Dave doesn’t. Cox and Anthony don’t, nor do many of the millions of people interacting with strangers online everyday. This is the “bigger picture” problem I’m trying to get across here, but to these people I’m afraid their minds will never change and online—-as Cox so eloquently put it—-will always be gay.

  88. 88 boink on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 5:15 pm

    well now i have a new found respect for aaron, since he seems to be the only mature one around here, and maybe dannik

    but eRanger you still don’t know me. don’t pretend like you know me. don’t make assumptions.

    the challenge has been set apparently you guys dont accept.

    oh and i’m not emailing you because it will accomplish nothing. if you want to reply with an answer to the challenge than do so, but since this is the only way i will contact you because i was banned by unix for ripping him apart in your channel and forums and cs servers.

  89. 89 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Wed, Sep 28th 2005 10:48 pm

    The challenge has been set? What are you talking about boink?

    We don’t even play CS 1.6 anymore. {SoBs} 24/7 Assault server was one of the top rated servers around (not sure now, since we don’t play there anymore). The only reason we keep that server up is to not disappoint those that still play 1.6. Remember that server has been running strong for 5 years now.

    I know you issued your challenge for Assault because boss doesn’t have source servers, but you cant expect us to go back to play and old version of the game because you issued a challenge.

    I’ll tell you what. When boss finally catches up and sets up some CS:S servers and you feel you have practiced enough on them, let me know.

    I will be glad to give you a whooping, until then maybe you can donate some money to boss or something so they can set up some new servers and keep up with the times winking

  90. 90 boink on Thu, Sep 29th 2005 12:12 am

    right because boss plays 1.6 none of us have source…

    none of us… at all… nope… not one…

    source sucks anyway i only play it to get used to it when steam discontinues 1.6

  91. 91 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Thu, Sep 29th 2005 9:02 am

    Boink, you really need some reading comprehension skills!

    At no point does it say no one that plays at boss has CS:S

  92. 92 whorr on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 6:51 pm

    I killed four or five people the other day on {SOBS} server with a scout and a glock. I must have killed the admin cause as I was making my way to the bomb I was kicked/banned. I posted on their forums and all my posts were deleted. Admin abuse is lame and childish… and hiding the fact you got owned and then angry enough to ban someone for killing you is immature. Internet fascism is retarded.

  93. 93 whorr on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 7:05 pm

    I would also like to add that any server that forces players to ‘rush’ in a realism game such as counter-strike (yeh I know its more deathmatch now-a-days) is also lame.

    If CT’s are rushing out a certain area, it makes sense for the T’s to cover that area and kill them as they come. Or should the T’s just allow the CT’s to rush out the door and surround them and flank the guys with the bomb so they will lose? Its called strategy.

  94. 94 {SoBs}eRanger on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 7:14 pm

    if the T’s rushed to begin with, that wouldnt be a problem. you are a moron. the T’s job is to plant the bomb, not camp. end of story. if the map was office or italy it would be flipped. the CT’s are supposed to rescue the hosties not camp. end of story. if we were on those maps and a CT was not attempting to get the hosties, then he will be banned. and its not a realism game at all. if you want realism go play Americas Army, or Ghost Recon or something like that. if you are camping you are being selfish and wasting time for the other players. they dont wanna sit in spectator mode waiting for you to die. rush and win or rush and lose and go to the next round. if you rush and win, yay you won. if you rush and lose, boo-friggin-hoo try again the next round!

  95. 95 Aaron on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 7:19 pm

    I’m with "whorr" on this actually, though whether the game is based on realism or not is irrelevant. The game is like chess, and sometimes the moves need to be thought out or slowly executed. There’s a broad and perceptible line between "camping" and strategic entry. Regardless, unless it’s done repeatedly, camping shouldn’t be punished with anything more than a slap and a message from the admin suggesting they move. You must realise that you’re playing with people, and people have different methods of playing this game just as they would any other. If you want your opponents to do nothing more than b-line it to the objective, play with bots. This game is more than that. Games in general are more than that. Games that aren’t, suck.

  96. 96 {SoBs}eRanger on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 7:42 pm

    if there is an obvious attempt to complete the mission then its fine. not for extended periods of time. in many cases the banned have received the warnings you mentioned. they either claim to have "not got them" or they just flat out dont listen. granted there are a few of us (mcchicken) that arent very lenient in that area, most of us will just slap, or temp ban someone. it becaomse a problem when they come onto our forums and start mouthing off as if they own the server. they do not own the server so they have no right to talk that way to an admin. thats when it becomes a permaban. this whor person did exactly that. he got fussy about a simple little temp ban and came on our forums and mouthed off. he broke the rules, couldnt handle the consequences, and cried about it.

  97. 97 Aaron on Mon, Oct 3rd 2005 7:51 pm

    Well if the player shows any sign of knowing what he’s doing, banning for "camping" is probably unneccessary. If you’re just being impatient and use your admin powers to get back into the game, then that’s abuse. That’s basically the whole purpose of the admin_stack command: for impatient admins to get things over with. Tell the newcomers that camping is boring for everyone else.

    My definition of "camping" is the act of sitting in a sheltered spot waiting for an opposing player to walk into your sight. I’ve been banned for "camping" after having been on the CT roof on assault shooting the rushing T’s as they came out of the roof. That isn’t camping, and there’s a ladder to that roof for a reason.

    If your decision makes an otherwise-skilled player very upset, you can bet it was a bad decision (in most cases…)

  98. 98 whorr on Tue, Oct 4th 2005 1:09 am

    Just to clarify one point, cs is based on realism. To quote the official CS website:

    "Counter-Strike is the #1 online action game in the world. Engage in a realistic brand of counter-terrorist warfare in this popular team-based game. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role. "

    Read the last line. Your role changes as your team is getting wiped out. If you all of a sudden need to make your way to the bomb, and still want to win, you must use some sort of strategy and not just run around like like your playing Quake… (unless your playing an aim_ or fy_ iceworld map).

    Of course this is all pointless on a pub because noone understands that if you want to play and not sit and watch everyone play you must play smart and stay alive and not rush head on into bullets and die.

  99. 99 {SoBs}Juggernaut on Tue, Oct 4th 2005 1:17 pm

    Who is Whor?

    Is seems it is a small virtual world after all. What a coincidence that some player gets banned for apparently not doing much and he finds his way here.

    There is no reference on our site to this one yet he manages to get here. Seems fishy to me.

    Anyways lets try and sort this out.

    To begin, every server has a set of rules posted once you log on to it. Most players don’t take the time to read them but that does not mean those rules can be ignored.

    · As a server owner you have the right to choose the rules for your server.
    · As a player you have the right to not play on the server if you do not agree with the rules.

    As we all know there are thousands of servers out there. You should have no problem finding one with rules that suit your play style. Now, if you do decide to join any server you are bound to the rules, whether you read them or not.

    {SoBs} server rules

    1. No Hacking (for obvious reasons)
    2. No Tking (for obvious reasons)
    3. No foul language or racist remarks (for obvious reasons)
    4. No Camping (this is our preference)

    Just like you would not join a server with freindly fire on if you dont like it, why would you join a server with a no camping rule in effect, if you like to camp?

    The camping issue is the one that usually starts most problems. What one person considers camping another might think its strategy. This is one of those subjects that can’t be easily explained and in truth my writing skills are not up to the task to make my case clear.

    Are we supposed to change our rules because some player out there might not agree with them?

    (I’ll try and post my view on camping later today when I have more time. Also, what usually occurs when we let one player continuously camp.)

    Also think about it, we take the time to set up servers and make certain rules to enjoy the game how we like it played. Many players agree with our rules and join the server to have some fun. Those that don’t agree should not have joined the server and will be promptly removed.

    Come to think of it how this could be considered admin abuse is beyond me? Admin abuse in my opinion is giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players like using god-mode, noclip, slaying or slapping a player repeatedly for no reason etc.

    Enforcing rules does not equal abuse!

  100. 100 Aaron on Tue, Oct 4th 2005 7:02 pm

    While the rules you choose to enforce on your own server are of course your own decision, you need to make sure you’ve clearly explained it. You state "no camping" while you also acknowledge that "camping" means different things to different people. It is this ambguity that is the source of most "camping-ban"-related problems.

  101. 101 whorr on Tue, Oct 4th 2005 7:23 pm

    I found this site while looking for your irc channel using google. There was some link from a post on another site. btw your irc page on your website isnt working.

    You are right. It’s your server and you pay money for it so you can make any rules and enforce them however you want. Keep in mind not everyone goes to a server and reads the server rules first thing. You shouldn’t be so quick to ban people.

  102. 102 {SoBs}eRanger on Tue, Oct 4th 2005 7:27 pm

    1. the irc thing on the website is from when we were on gamesnet not gamesurge. the member that made the website is no longer in the clan so it hasnt been updated

    2. mcchicken is the one that is quick to ban people. the rest of us arent so judgemental

  103. 103 Cox on Wed, Oct 5th 2005 3:57 pm

    Wow…how the fuck did i know that {SoBs} would make an appearance here.

  104. 104 Bill Brasky on Thu, Oct 6th 2005 10:59 pm

    Because you’re the son of Miss Cleo?

  105. 105 Geoffrey Sneddon on Mon, Oct 31st 2005 9:04 pm

    I know this is old, but I’ve got a few comments to make.

    I’m an admin on some servers on BZflag, and we don’t give ourselves any special powers. We are just as powerful as any other player. Why? Fair play.

    We also know of holes in the anti-cheat, but we don’t cheat. Why? Fair play.

    As for banning people, I’ve been banned on AA several times for "cheating."

    Here’s the people’s line of thought:
    He killed me one headshot! He must cheat!

    I’ve also been banned for jokingly saying "because it’s the only 26 player Pipeline server?"
    I got no warning. Just a straight ban.

    As far as rules go, they should be clear, no blured areas. Another thing is, is that server owners shouldn’t be scared to put URLs in. You can undoubtably get more data into a webpage than you can on about 5 lines on the server. Take a look at the Viper’s rules, on BZflag.

  106. 106 Kezzer on Tue, Nov 8th 2005 8:45 pm

    I’m glad that someone has posted something like this as I whole-heartedly agree. One of my main aims on the Internet is providing some decent ‘netiquette’ due to the amount of idiotic children spouting random abuse at any person they encounter. Their illiteracy is their ultimate flaw because it becomes easy to tell that they’re an immature user of the Internet.

    I think it’s more of a mental problem. I see so many kids online just throwing unjustified arbitrary abuse at anyone they come into contact with in order to feel superior. Fortunately logic suffices and any ‘geek’ arguments are resolved. As I’ve been an IRC user for many years I’ve gained respect from other users and eventually was allowed to have ops in special channels which are used by hundreds of users with a mere few ops. It proves useful but at the end of the day, the power means nothing, our rules are that users’ are only kick-banned if they do something serious, abuse is tolerated because so much of it is received.

    Structure to the internet as you’ve proposed would never be introduced unfortunately, but netiquette should be taught in educational systems as the Internet is such a big thing used worldwide nowadays. I think these kids have been taught immoral values throughout their life. Approach anything in an adult manner and an adult response is received. It’s a shame though, I wish it could be resolved.

    I think I’m going to add your site to my favourites on my website, plus, I wouldn’t mind a hand with some issues with my site that need resolving. Cheers Aaron,


  107. 107 Geoffrey Sneddon on Tue, Nov 8th 2005 10:03 pm

    A thing that happened one or two days ago, Python was going round insulting everyone on Viper’s. When I came on he was claiming "they don’t like good players," saying he had been leading.

    My response: It’s CTF. Scores don’t count.
    Other people’s response: You weren’t leading.

    "They insulted me"
    My response: But does that allow you to break the rules and insult them back
    Other people’s response: We didn’t.

    "He deleted the logs"
    My response: He can’t.
    Other people’s response: He can’t.

    And things like that. I got an admin to check the logs, and everything he had been claiming was false. For that he got a permanent ban. It’ll be lifted when I think he’ll have learnt his lesson about lying.

    If he had not lied, he’d’ve probably got a mear 1 day ban.

  108. 108 Chris on Sun, Nov 27th 2005 4:05 pm

    Umm, wow. I never knew this post had generated so many replies… and I just got finished reading the BOSS forums post. Yikes. You people scare me… So, democracy is bad… right? And dictatorship is good.


  109. 109 Tyler on Mon, Apr 16th 2007 1:09 pm

    I love reading these comments over from time to time for a good laugh.

    You handled yourself very well Aaron. I probably would have given up.

    I hate arguing with children. It like shouting at a cat. They don’t get it, care, or learn anything.